Representative image: AirPods (third generation)

Apple would likely launch an entry-level AirPods model by the end of this year. According to a report by 9To5Mac, citing analyst Jeff Pu, Apple will release new lower-cost “AirPods Lite” sometime during the second half of 2024. According to Pu, AirPods production is expected to ramp up later this year “thanks to the launch of a low-cost model.” Additionally, a new AirPods Max model is also likely to launch later this year, according to the analyst.

Pu did not provide any details about the pricing of these entry level AirPods. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has earlier this year stated that Apple is working on a low-cost version of AirPods, which is expected to be priced at $99.

Last month, a report by Bloomberg stated that Apple is planning  to start the mass-production of the upcoming AirPods in May. According to the report, Apple plans to produce 20 to 25 million units of fourth-generation AirPods – a significant increase over prior new models. Interestingly, the report also stated that the next generation of AirPods will likely have two models that would replace both the second- and third-generation AirPods.

According to the Bloomberg report, the upcoming versions have been named B768(E) and B768(M) internally, where E stands for “entry” and the M stands for “mid-tier.” Both of these models will likely have a new design for an improved fit and will support charging with USB-C. The mid-tier version is expected to feature active noise cancellation (ANC) and Find My speakers in the case as well. 

First Published: Apr 02 2024 | 12:48 PM IST

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