Representative image: iPhone 15

Apple recently rolled out iOS 17.5 update to support iPhone models. Now, deleted pictures from years ago are reportedly popping-back on iPhones for select users after the iOS 17.5 update. According to a report by The Verge, multiple iPhone users have reported that after updating their iPhones to the latest iOS version, deleted pictures have started to resurface on their device’s gallery. Some also reported that older pictures are being shown in the “Recents” album.

According to the report, a user on social media platform Reddit claimed that his pictures from 2016 are appearing in new images after the update to iOS 17.5. More reports started flocking the platform with some even stating that deleted pictures from “years ago” have popped-up on their devices. A user claimed that more than 300 deleted pictures have resurfaced on their iPad.

While some users argue that this could have happened because the pictures might have been uploaded to their iCloud storage, other affected users said that they have not synced their iPhone and are not using Apple’s cloud storage service.

The problem is not limited to pictures and videos. A user on X (formerly Twitter) posted that older voicemails that the user has already listened to have reappeared as new unheard voicemails on his iPhone Xr model after it was updated to iOS 17.5.

First Published: May 16 2024 | 1:50 PM IST

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