Google is reportedly expanding Gemini AI availability to select headphones and earbuds. According to a report by 9To5Google, the latest beta version of the Google app has a code indicative of Gemini AI assistant compatibility with audio wearable devices similar to Google Assistant.

The report stated that the APK file, which essentially contains the program code for an Android app, of the Google app beta version 15.6 has a line of code that contains an error message stating, “Gemini mobile app is working on expanding availability to make it accessible on your headphones”.

Gemini support on headphones would likely bring AI-generated responses to queries in audio format. Launching the Gemini AI assistant using headphones is expected to be similar to Google Assistant. However, the report states, the responses from the AI assistant on the device will be in audio-only medium without any visual cues on the display.

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Last week, Google announced that it is renaming its AI chatbot Bard to Gemini. Additionally, Google also launched a dedicated app for Gemini AI on Android devices. For iOS users, Gemini is accessible through the Google app.

The Android app, however, allows users to launch the Gemini AI similar to Google Assistant – by pressing the power button or saying the wake word “Hey Google”. Google Assistant voice features are also available through the Gemini app — including setting timers, making calls and controlling your smart home devices. Gemini Android app is available in the US and has started rolling out gradually to other regions.

First Published: Feb 13 2024 | 1:42 PM IST

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