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Google is set to revamp Search experience with generative artificial intelligence (AI) features, powered by its Gemini AI model. The US-based software giant announced at the Google I/O 2024 keynote that it “brings together Gemini’s advanced capabilities — including multi-step reasoning, planning and multimodality — with our best-in-class Search systems.” Here is everything Google announced related to Search at the I/O keynote:

Expanded AI overviews

After testing AI overviews in Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google is bringing this AI-powered feature to Search with immediate rollout in the US and in more countries soon. Like in the SGE, the AI overviews will offer a quick overview of a topic and links to learn more. However, Google expanded the AI overviews with options to simplify the language or break it down in more details. This update is coming soon to Search Labs, for English queries in the US.8

Another new feature coming to AI overviews is support for multi-step reasoning capability. This, Google said, will allow Search users to ask complex question, with all the nuances and caveats, in one go. The multi-step reasoning capabilities in Google Search are coming soon to AI overviews in Search Labs, for English queries in the US.

Meal and trip planning

Google Search will soon double up as a planner to help you figure out a meal plan and to lay down a trip schedule. The meal and trip planning are available now in Search Labs in English in the US. Later this year, Google said it will add customisation capabilities and more categories like parties, date night and workouts.

AI-organised search results

Google said its generative AI, powered by custom Gemini, will think and problem-solve with you when you are looking for new ideas and curate an AI-customised page for you with extensive results under AI-generated headlines. The search results can also be based on video inputs now. All these features will be available for Search Labs users in English in the US and will be enabled in other regions soon.

Search with videos

Google Search will soon get a new capability to allow searching with video. It will be available soon for Search Labs users in English in the US, and will be expanded to more regions over time.

First Published: May 15 2024 | 1:39 PM IST

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